Shiny Apps

Public Apps

The links below connect to Shiny App visualizations of our published data sets. They are intended to provided functional access beyond the published and shared datasets allowing users to explore, plot, and/or run analyses of our published datasets. Please contact Richard if you have issues connecting to these. Note that some, especially those with larger datasets, may take a few seconds to render.

  • ROSMAP – iPSCs
    • Contains RNAseq and TMT-Proteomics data from iPSC derived neurons (iN; Ngn2 directed differentiation), and astrocytes (iA; SOX9+NFIB directed differentiation). Explorer allows users to plot expression levels across categorical variables and to correlate them with other measurements.
  • SORL1 – multiple cell types
    • Bulk RNAseq data for WT (CRISPR control) and SORL1 KO cells including iPSCs, and iPSC derived cells (neurons, microglia, astrocytes, and endothelial “like” cells.
  • INPP5D – Microglia RNAseq and Proteomics
    • RNAseq and TMT-Proteomics data from iPSC derived microglia (iMGL; modified Blurton-Jones protocol). Samples include INPP5D-KO, INPP5D-HET, WT, and 3AC (INPP5D inhibitor) v. Vehicle treatment.

Private Apps

The links below connect to intra-lab data sharing apps and are behind password walls. Ask Richard if you need access.

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  • set2 (placeholder)
  • set3 (placeholder)